Health Research Advisory Board (HealthRAB) is a “think tank” of senior clinicians, researchers & academicians who are committed to the mission of Health RAB which is to “Develop the Research Ecosystem of Pakistan”.

The members of HealthRAB represent major clinical specialties, medical institutions and associations and possess relevant expertise and experience to spearhead such a significant component of our health system.

The main objectives of HealthRAB are to:

* Provide leadership for developing the medical research ecosystem of Pakistan.

* Create synergy among the existing stake holders and bring them together.

* Build capacity of the human resource involved in conducting research.

* Collaborate & network locally as well as globally to initiate research activities in the country.

* Facilitate the development of a national research policy & strategy.

The proposed goals of HealthRAB are to:

* Develop a share vision for developing the research ecosystem.
* Organize the International Medical Research Conference (IMRC) annually.
* Manage and disburse the Research Fund (RF) effectively.
* Organize and facilitate capacity building workshops.
* Create a community of Clinical Researchers of Pakistan (CRoP).
* Bring out a working document as road map for developing research in Pakistan.

As the future of our country lies in the hands of the youth, HealthRAB also puts special emphasis on developing the young researchers and enabling them to create value in the research ecosystem.

HealthRAB is established through a Research Grant from PharmEvo.