Health RAB South Chapter was launched on 18th Nov,2012 with 43 KOLs at Sheraton Hotel Karachi and it set the basis of this ever expanding forum. Covering a regional research promotion portfolio from Karachi to RahimYar Khan, the platform is now well recognized and has established itself strongly within a brief period with active engagement from Physicians and HCP’s related to healthcare Research.


Shortly after the launch of South Chapter the research awareness and support need was felt in Central region as well. Hence central chapter was launched on 29th Aug 2013 with 55 KOLs at PC Lahore, it’s facilitating Healthcare professionals in the region since then and ensuring research and related activity promotion on a constant basis. 


Health RAB North Chapter was launched on 5th Oct 2013 with 40 KOLs at Marriott Hotel Islamabad. It has been an integral part of research promotion and related activities since then catering and facilitating the research needs to KOL’s, Physicians and other HCP’s in the region. This not only serves in creating awareness about the forum but also ensures synchronization on the noble cause in all parts of the country.