Disease Registries

Disease Registries are databases of a defined patient population that monitor the outcomes of the clinical care and progress of the patients over time. HealthRAB is working on developing National Disease Registries and currently has 5 registries under its umbrella:

  1. 1. PNJR - Pakistan National Joint Registry led by Prof. Dr. Shahid Noor.
  2. 2. CRoP - Cardiac Registry of Pakistan led by Dr. Bashir Hanif.
  3. 3. DRoP - Diabetes Registry of Pakistan led by Prof. Dr. Abdul Basit.
  4. 4. Stroke Registry of Pakistan (SRoP).
  5. 5. Spine Tango Registry of Pakistan (STRoP).
  6. 6. Hepatitis Registry of Pakistan (HRoP).
  7. 7. Paediatric Orthopaedic Registry Pakistan (PORP).