Prof. Dr. Gaffar Billoo

I feel honored to chair the Health Research Advisory Board, a unique & visionary program, which is developed to promote & establish clinical research in Pakistan.

Clinical research has always been very close to my heart simply because it allows us to help our patients effectively through evidence based knowledge and information.

The importance of conducting indigenous clinical research cannot be over emphasized. Depending only upon research from western world does not allow us to treat our local population having local illnesses with a local solution.

One of the objectives of Health RAB is to educate our clinicians and build their capacity in the field of clinical research. For this very purpose, Health RAB compiled this Research Reference Guide to help our physicians, mainly the younger generation, in understanding and then conducting clinical research in Pakistan.

This guide takes us through the subject of clinical research in a simple and categorical manner covering nearly all its various aspects in a concise way.

I am very optimistic that this initiative will go a long way not only in serving our patients better, but in creating visionary healthcare leaders in healthcare in Pakistan InshaAllah.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Basit
(Vice Chairman )
I feel honored to write about the Health RAB  which is a humble effort by PharmEvo to assist our clinicians remain abreast with the various academic as well as procedural aspects of clinical trials and research in Pakistan.

As a clinician who has been committed to clinical research throughout my career, I realize the significance of local research and its impact on clinical practice and health outcomes.

Health RAB is a comprehensive platform which is developed keeping in mind the needs of all those who wish to be involved in clinical research.

I am confident that Health RAB will contribute immensely in promoting research culture which in turn gives rise to research projects & activities in Pakistan InshaAllah.

I hope and pray that this effort of ours helps you in your journey of clinical research and that our patients receive the real benefit of this endeavor InshaAllah.

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed
(General Secretary)
Research and related work in Pakistan is a topic that has not yet been given the due attention it deserves, for that matter HRAB platform is working to endeavor in this arena to create awareness about this vast domain.

Heath RAB is established by PharmEvo through a research grant, to promote clinical research in Pakistan through various value added activities and projects for the medical community at large. PharmEvo is yet another step towards building the clinical research ecosystem of our country and supporting those who are involved in clinical research in some capacity.

I am hopeful that this resource will provide you most of the information which you seek in undertaking your research projects.

I would like to thank Health RAB leadership which provided the necessary guidance as well as the team at PharmEvo which helped develop this reference guide.

Mr. Muhammad Haroon Qassim
(Finance Secretary)