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I feel honored to chair the Health Research Advisory Board (HealthRAB), a unique and visionary society, which is developed to promote and establish the Health Research Ecosystem of Pakistan. Research has always been very close to my heart because it allows us to help our patients effectively through evidence based knowledge and information. I am very optimistic that HealthRAB will go a long way in creating visionary leaders in health research in Pakistan InshaAllah.

As a clinician who has been committed to clinical research throughout my career, I realize the significance of health research and its impact on clinical practice and health outcomes. HealthRAB is a comprehensive platform developed by keeping in mind the needs of all those who wish to be involved in health research. I am confident that HealthRAB will contribute immensely in promoting health research culture which in turn will give rise to health research projects and activities in Pakistan InshaAllah.

Research is a topic that has not yet been given the due attention it deserves in Pakistan. I am honored to be a part of HealthRAB, whose members are committed to develop the Health Research Ecosystem of Pakistan. I am confident that HealthRAB will continue to promote the research culture, create awareness about this vast domain, and support HCPs involved in Health research.

In Pakistan, only a few organizations are working on Health research. HeathRAB is one such organization established to promote health research culture in the country, through various value-added activities and projects for the health community at large. I am positive that HealthRAB will continue to serve a unique and valuable role in developing Pakistan’s Research Ecosystem and supporting those who are involved in health research in some capacity.